Never again



The things I say are meaningless,
No content or meaning in the words that come out.
Not making any sense at all.
All reason blurs out, I think it might have something to do with her.


Starend naar het lege scherm,
Ik opende een gespreksvenster en keek naar een lege balk onderin,
Hoeveel keer ik ook probeerde een zin te formuleren, net zoveel keer wiste ik alles.
Ik merk op dat ik dit echt niet kan en geef maar weer op.

Misschien lukt het me morgen dan weer wel om je te zeggen dat je stiekem best geweldig bent.

bring down ie6!

dancing in the rain

dancing in the rain;
feeling raindrops rolling over my face. they feel like warm tears.
Feelings swelling up and calming down again.

Dancing in the rain because it takes too much time to wait for summer.
It takes too much time to see my sunshine again.
I look forward to feel the warm feeling of sunrays touching my skin again.

So, after the initial excitement has cooled a little,
I think I can write a clearer view on what I am going trough.

It is still hard to grasp what has happened though,
A girl who is a bunch of superlatives combined has fallen for the likes of me..
Why is a mystery to me, I have not a single clue.
Not having a clue does not mean I don’t embrace it though.

I am unsure about several things in this, for now.
The most unsure thing in what we have now, is if I ever will be able to give what she deserves.
I will do everything in my powers to try though.


The time it took me to get over painful memories.
The time it took to realize that we were for real.

Time spent unwisely and without much goals or direction.
As meaningless the first evenings and nights we talked were, the more meaningful they are now.

Soon, when it really is spring again, I will slowly see flowers grow and the world will become greener and for much people, it will look prettier. The sun will put a smile on people’s faces and they will smile when they get touched by it’s warm rays.

But my world won’t change a lot, because my summer, my light, my sun is too far away to touch me.
It is sad to see that you are so far away.


i am doing the right thing,

it feels right, so does that mean it is right ?
I guess i will see, tomorrow, so close, so much exitement.


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Niet alleen steun ik Pieter hier in, maar de pagina bevat leuke tips over SEO, header tags en Meta tags.

Zeker een klikje waard, had er maar zo geen Lelijke achtergrond aan gehangen.


The sour feeling of not knowing,
Not feeling sure if what I am saying is right.

I am feeling really unsure, can I really be what you deserve,
can I be the one to make you feel hopelessly lost ?

Because you make me feel like that,
you make me feel lost for words.

You make me cry and you make me laugh
If only I knew how to describe those feelings so I can tell you.

I think I’m about to give up, all my energy is gone.
The endless waiting is about to end ; i think.

Now thinking we would is over.
I am happy I’ve gone this far,
I’m happy I didn’t stop.

Because today I know that we’re honest
That we’re really awesome and that we can achieve things.


New memories, break my old memories into fragments.
I have almost lost the unpleasant memories of the past years.
The heartbeat of the day is now fresh and new,
’cause today; my heart beats for a new light.
A light stronger then any other light.

No one can take away what I want.
Can take away what I really want.
Because what I want more then anything else is You.
You’re the light I live for.


We just successfully upgraded to WordPress 2.6, the only problem is that all my categories vanished..
Let’s hope to get them back soon !


Everything changes,
my mood seems to swing around constantly

Trouble keeping my thoughts at the same pace my heart is going;
Did I give up caring?


hidden in my dreams,
stuffed away in a corner that shouldn’t be seen.
Deep inside my mind lays the promise.

The promise i made myself ages ago,
A dark secret ment to stay hidden, but even though I should keep quiet.
I can not stay silent.
For I have broken my own rules

I have fallen mindlessly in love.


It’s early,

I’m awake and look at you,
Birds are making sounds.
I can feel the sun touching my skin.
I see the same sunray lightening up your face,
I feel how your skin touches mine.
I whisper `Keep on sleeping, I’ll keep you safe`
I keep you in my arms.

If only that was real, because now tears are in my eyes.
I woke up without you in my arms, again.


It’s the middle of the night,
The moon shines in all it’s glory

The shine of it goes through the window
I can see it sweetly touching my face
I hope you’re looking at the same moon
feeling the same peace of mind.

The moon’s perfect shape makes me think,
about you.
Oh, if only I could tell you the stuff I want to say.
If only I could make you see,
Just how special you are to me.

Look at the moon, stare at it long enough
You Know I’m doing the same.
Hoping you’ll realize,
The light of the moon on our skin.


Like gasoline,
Like fuel for a car. Making an engine run.

That’s how you make me work and live.
Every bit of life that streams trough my veins feels made by you.
Gasoline powers a car like my love for you powers me.

Unlike normal gasoline, mine has a neverending power source.