this dizzy feeling

Someone has turned me around, turned me in a circle a million times.
I am hopelessly lost, my vision blurred and my sense of balance is gone.
I can hear though, so hopefully your voice will guide me.

Shout, I’ll follow the sound and I’ll try to reach you.
Hold my hand, I’ll use your steadiness to get there.
Talk to me and let me know I’ll be fine.
Please tell me I’ll be fine, because this dizzy feeling isn’t wearing off.

Tell me we’ll be fine. Give me the feeling I can tell you how I really feel.

It’s odd how suddenly I’ve come back to trusting you. It’s weird to see how I’ve thrown all friendly advice and caution in the wind and I drifted right back to you when the opportunity rose.
There’s only one good reasoning for doing that, and that is that we’re not just a short thing, we’re not something small.
We’re not just a small chance.

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