Closer to positive

I don’t think you know how much I care.
I doubt you care to know, but I’m going to step out of the box of expectancy and say it anyway.

You’ve got me reaching out.
I’ve grown into this other level of waiting. Waiting for the moment where I can finally tell you how and why I feel.

There’s no way I can go on like this indefinitely, I do enjoy our conversations and I enjoy being around you. But it’s not enough. There’ll be a point soon where I just have to cave in and either tell you how I feel or give up on feelings again.
I’m not prepared to choose the latter, I want to push trough on this.

Then again, there’s no use in just telling you how I feel when those feelings are not going to be returned.
Give me a hint, let me know that I’ve possibly got a chance to change how you feel.

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