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hidden in my dreams,
stuffed away in a corner that shouldn’t be seen.
Deep inside my mind lays the promise.

The promise i made myself ages ago,
A dark secret ment to stay hidden, but even though I should keep quiet.
I can not stay silent.
For I have broken my own rules

I have fallen mindlessly in love.


It’s early,

I’m awake and look at you,
Birds are making sounds.
I can feel the sun touching my skin.
I see the same sunray lightening up your face,
I feel how your skin touches mine.
I whisper `Keep on sleeping, I’ll keep you safe`
I keep you in my arms.

If only that was real, because now tears are in my eyes.
I woke up without you in my arms, again.


It’s the middle of the night,
The moon shines in all it’s glory

The shine of it goes through the window
I can see it sweetly touching my face
I hope you’re looking at the same moon
feeling the same peace of mind.

The moon’s perfect shape makes me think,
about you.
Oh, if only I could tell you the stuff I want to say.
If only I could make you see,
Just how special you are to me.

Look at the moon, stare at it long enough
You Know I’m doing the same.
Hoping you’ll realize,
The light of the moon on our skin.


Like gasoline,
Like fuel for a car. Making an engine run.

That’s how you make me work and live.
Every bit of life that streams trough my veins feels made by you.
Gasoline powers a car like my love for you powers me.

Unlike normal gasoline, mine has a neverending power source.


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Off course I’m thinking about you.
How can I not think about you, you’re everywhere.
It hurts to think about you. The pain is clear and always here.

Saying things without considering the impact it leaves is stupid,
especially when you don’t want to leave a bad impression.

If only time was different, so i could reverse it and undo what i did.



Picture by Goodfoot42