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Lost in my words

I’m lost with words,
can’t find the words.

Who’s telling us what to do,
Who can tell me where to go.

I finally got to the point of telling you,
where future leads too
I really miss you, i do,
but i haven’t got the guts to tell you.

How to dance at a rave

that’s how !


ik heb net een twitter account aangemaakt.

zo kan ik van overal via mijn gsm korte postjes doen :p

dit gaat zeker handig zijn als ik naar avignon en terug ga liften, ik zal proberen af en toe te laten weten waar ik ben. Zodat iedereen kan volgen of ik er wel raak. :)

Humo festivalitis

music taste is a website that keeps track of the music you listen to and puts it in a profile.
You can easily compare it with other people and find neighbours for yourself. This is a great way of expand your music knowledge and taste. anthony liekens made a way to see how eclictic your music taste is.

Mine seems to be rather high.

what about yours?

this is also a cool widget offers:

my top artists