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My uprise

Working my way alone,
from under the dust, deep in the mud,
under the ground, i work my way out.
rain falls down on me
making it harder to get out
but when i reach the point of no return
both feet on the ground, standing upright.

The rain washes my face,
makes me clean, making ready take off

I start walking, the sun is shining,
sunrays touch my face
I can almost smile again.
I walk and walk
out of the forest I climbed out the ground
through fields, crossing rivers.
I keep walking
Clouds cover the sun,
But one spot in the middle of this field
still is light,
I walk towards it,

I’m at home

I’m far from my destiny,
but where do i belong?
Is my destiny where i’m heading ?
Who should I fight for?
Where would i want to go to ?
Is there anyone who can tell me,
if waiting to decide is selfish.

Is there even a decision to be made,
can I decide what I feel inside,
Or can I only hope to see the light,
To see where I am heading to.

Can you see me ?
Can you feel me ?
Can you touch me ?
Can you tell me ?

Where do I belong

urban shoplifting

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Funny American

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ik kijk rond me heen,
angstige ogen dwalen de gang af.
snelle voetstappen langsheen deur en raam.
Hoofd naar beneden,
Bloed snelt door mijn aderen.
ik heb bang, schrik
je te moeten aankijken.
dat jij ook van mij houd


I tried to do,
what no one can do.

Finding a perfect word,
the right phrases.

for telling what,
no one wants to.

I wanted to find the words,
couldn’t find them,
not a single place to find them.

I might have ruined everything,
Could’ve done it another way.

But it was the best way this way,
Just said what i feel.


Barcamp in Brussel was geweldig,
ik schrijf nu pas ‘n post zodat ik ineens de link naar de flickr foto’s kan meegeven.

Een mooie roundup vind je bij Artueel.


Grey clouds look down over me,
raindrops fall down
water pours onto my head
my tears mix with the rain
The sound of me shivering
fades away

i’m outside in the darkness
getting a cold


reach into the dark,
grab the exit door
Let the light in,
Let me see again.

Even if it hurts my eyes.
I miss being able to see
to see what hurts me.
I can’t stand staying blind


Your hand reaches out,
I try to look away,
but you come and stand
in front of me.
I can’t pass
You look into my eyes,

I see you… waiting
I run towards the exit,
I run away,
But the key’s in your pocket
I can’t get out

You got me locked in,
next to you.


losse flarden zwevend,
rondlopend door mijn hoofd.
Geen uitweg voor al
wat gevangen zit in mijn hoofd.


het rimte van pijn,
verdacht hou hard
haar zin kan zijn
een traan
zonder haar onmogelijk
te doorstaan

Barcamp #3

Ik was het bijna vergeten maar zaterdag is het Barcamp in Brussel.

Bedankt Erlend om het nog eens te posten :)