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pure thoughts

For thoughts will never be as pure as today
i will never find clarity once again, this way i do now
i don’t even want to find it
this clear vieuw upon living is hurting me more and more each day.
this is only killing people, not pain, no regret, only feelings.
Pain is being only more clear now.
though i’d rather have my pain numb,
i don’t prefer this sharp cutting through my skin.
only pain is what this brings

no title

today i leave
this page is full
with empty thoughts
i am embracing


confidence in me
fills my longs
i breath it in
the power to regenerate


balancing on the edge
doubting what is real and
what is a creation of my fantasy
hoping I will bring this
barely caring to move
this spot is mine
impossble to take
i never give in about this
my mind is my property


confidence in me is your own entombement in this place.


op zoek naar innerlijke vrede, sta ik op uitkijk naar de terugkeer van kalmte, rust en stilte zijn op hun terugtocht naar mijn hart, wat heb ik ze gemist


i think i don’t have to tell you what greatness is
i don’t even have to tell you how it feels,
because everyone has felt great before.
But what you do have to do to feel great,
that’s something i want to know
because it has been some time.


gisteren was een productieve dag : )


the golden tear,
falls without fear
breaks your heart
back to the start


your eyes will never fade
your memory will never go

the thoughts of you ‘ll never move
to that forgotten dusty corner of my heart
on the contrary, that memory,
will shine forever in my heart,
it’s glory is too strong to be forgotten
but it’s glory shines never no more strong enough
to fill my haert with joy and glory.
regretfully i guess i could not
think more to be free once again
once more killing your pain with my love
once again being your savior in pain
once more being the arms that warm you
being the light that brightens up your path trough the darkness
once more being what i never want to be
inflicting hatred on other.

inflicting pain into my own destiny
bring me your love and i’ll reject it
only total annihiliation can bring me back


i am the one who is the cause
your pain is my work and labour
my destiny is your relief
inflicting pure damage upon your love
i make you trustless and broken
i steal your love and your ability to believe
i make your interests fade to niothingness,
i’m causing your pain.


As I gather the shattered remains of my long lost soul,
i collect other souls to use as an example how mine’s put together.
i can’t find a way to make the pieces fit.
it seems to be missing a huge pice
my construction always fails, though i want it to work.
i want this construction to be a solution.
but all i can make.. collapses, shattering around again.
now i realize i should stop trying to build it
before i lose all my parts
I should first find what i need
and the pieces will fit and create
what will last trough eternity


tijd is nooit meer van ons, tijd is nu voor jou en mij, wat doe ik met al die overschotten aan tijd, wat ik altijd teweinig had heb ik nu teveel


tranen vallen neer, tranen vallen op de tafel, als enige bewijs van mij spijt