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future remains unspoken

the future was pointing us in the eyes
i took a deep breath and turned around,
walking in the distance
following the path, lightend by my dreams.

alone, walking true the darkness, following the path of light.
staring in the darkness, seeing almost nothing.

suddenly, when i walked around a corner, i saw your eyes,
green, yellow and black.
your eyes staring at me, observing me, watching my every step.

our future knew i was going to do this, taking your road,
our future gave us a chance,
and it worked out the way we wanted it,
it turned out to be the smartest and most impulsive move i’ve ever made


no poems today,
the goesting ‘s gone away


Je bent de bubbels in mijn cola

die kleine extra sprankel in mijn leven

is it ?

maybe it isn’t

but i think it is.
nothing is even more true then today
the beauty of today is refreshing
The calm beauty of being happy

happiness clearly defined with only one plausible source.