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lopend over de straten
denkend aan alles
denkend aan niets

lopend door de steegjes
denkend aan alles
denkend aan niets

Lopend, naar hier
lopend naar daar
zonder aanleiding

gaan om te gaan
om nooit stil te staan
om nooit te denken
aan alles
aan niets

gisteren is nu ouder dan vandaag,
maar morgen is vandaag ook gisteren
denk even dat wat vandaag is
morgen ook ouder is
daar kan niets iets aan doen

weet dat je er niets aan kan doen
leer ermee leven
leer leven
leer denken aan alles
leer denken aan niets
want als niets alles word
word vandaag morgen

darkness straying trough my head

Looking trough an unclean window
seeing only darkness and misery
Not caring for the glory and happyness
standing next to me.

Staring at some trees
only seeing one leaf
the leaf that’s mine..

staring at the fog banks
seeing nothing
not caring to switch on the light
leave the light out,
if you want to see
what’s in my head

Only caring for evil
evil and darkness in my mind
straying trough my head.

If only my happiness could return to me
and stay here,
if only i could be happy with what i got
i know what i have is perfect for me
why can’t i just accept that

Lyric v0.1

I’ll take you down
You won’t ever breath again
Never breath again
You won’t see again,
say goodbye to all you love
say fuck off to all you hate
and be proud
You’re going to be taken down
by me..

I’ll take you down
You’ll never breath again

You won’t see the day light again
go and say bye to your beloved ones
Go and say bye to them
you won’t see them again

:: edit :: v 0.2 :: vervolg ::

Walk away, walk away from me
cause i’m gonna
i’m gonna take you down
Get away from me
away from here,
cause i’ll take you down

I’ll take you down.

Come on be smart
think about it
Walk away while you got the chance
go and hide
never come out again,

I’ll take you down

To love or to hate ?

Be happy every day
don’t look at those who hate you
but look at those who love you
Even if the people who love you are fewer
Look at people who respect you
who know what you are worth

And don’t return the hate..
Let hate be..
Love back to those who deserve it
and let them who hate
sufficate in their own feelings


Looking back over the past
short as it is..
Time is what i want
it’s what i hopefully ‘ll get

Looking into my future
seeing nothing
but a white light..
I don’t know what it is,
that white light,
but i sure hope it’s U

Forever never

to say never, is like to say forever.
I like to say forever
when i’m talking about staying…
I like to say never
when i’m talking bout leaving…


Roses are red
Violets are blue
isn’t that true ?