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more perfect

being with you changed every time i saw you
every time i saw you looking at me
every time i heard you calling my name
every time I watched us… and saw nothing

but now i notice this isn’t what we started anymore
it’s more…
You are no longer just my girlfriend
it’s more…
You’ve became the one and only person i want to spent the rest of my life with
Can it become more…

mijn alles [pieter]

Je bent mijn alles
De zon, de maan, de sterren en de lucht

De zon omdat je me verwarmt met je gezelschap
De maan omdat je mijn licht in het duister bent
De sterren omdat je over me waakt
De lucht, ik adem je in, je geeft me het leven

Ik hou van je.

I miss her

Feel what you want to feel
Never has that sounded so strange as now
i miss her, my love is not where i want her to be
She’s not here,
I can’t feel what i want to feel
I can only feel the pain
The everlasting longing for you

I want to hold you close to me
Keep you away from all the pain
I want to hold you in my arms
Because you are mine,
Stay away from her, she’s mine

I love her