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tell her

tell her
how she makes you weak
everytime you try to speak

tell her
how she makes you blush
when you try to tell her about your crush

tell her
how she make you shy
whenever you want to kiss her a goodbye

tell her
if you want to be her lover
tell her that you really really love her

slapen met jou

vanavond lekker slapen
vlinders in mijn buik
doe ik mijn ogen dicht
doe ik alsof ik je ruik

zachtjes met mijn ogen dicht

glinsterende warmte
straalt uit je ogen
zoete adem in mijn gezicht
zachtjes met mijn ogen dicht

je haar kriebelt
ik ruik honing en liefde
je vingers op mijn lippen
laat je tong naar binnen glippen

ik lig op mijn rug
je hoofd rust op mij
liefde is mijn zonnestraal
jij het licht in mijn verhaal


ik hoop dat je me zult vinden
in de verwarring van je leven
ik ben de rust waarnaar je zoekt
de warmte in jouw hart

laat mij jouw liefde zijn
en in je bruine ogen kijken
reik je handen uit en voel
dat ik er altijd voor je zal zijn

hug me

pretty please?


pain of the game…

time to say goodbye
no need for us to cry

the reality of this game
leaves us both in endless pain…


inside a memory
i wish that i could be
the one that you need
that you would concede
to my love for you
i wish it were true…

fall in love with me

unable to speak
your presence makes me weak
i dont know how you feel about me

cant i just stay
or is there some other way
cause i really want you here with me

you are my wish
come closer too, so we can kiss
or are you actually affraid of me

waiting for your reply
cant sleep and cant stop thinking why
i worry so much about you not liking me

then i lingur on for days
thinking about some treaturous ways
to finally make you fall in love with me

vreemd spul

weird things happen to me
its like standing next to myself
and whitness the life of a stranger

i talk funny
look like someone else
my smile is crooked

whats wrong?
do i feel alright?
or is this just another dream

like the one when i died
and found out about heaven
not existing

no htis one’s different…
this is a good one
its a happy feeling

i dont talk funny
i talk more
and yes it is funny

i dont look like someone else
i look better now
like i always wanted to be

and yes i smile
its because im happy
because im in love

its a wonderfull feeling
i walk on air

thin air
i know…

not everything is what it seems to be
but sometimes i look away
so i dont have to see
whats ahead

it bliss
im free
im with you