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sterf met je valentijn
commercie doet me pijn


lost in my imagination
looking for your love’s translation
all because i cant read your sings
by just looking at the nightly skylines

i think about you all the time
and this moutain of love i’m about to climb
staring at it, it looks so tall
one wrong step, and i’m about to fall

yes, im in love with you
aint nothing about it that i can do
but please make me understand
what it really is that you demand

’cause this feeling makes me weak
makes my selfconfidence go to sleep
just look at me one more time
and say that you’d like to be mine

please don’t make me guess
gimme some feedback more or less
so that finally i know why
looking at you makes me cry


writing crap
is like commonsense taking a nap


ik werk er nog aan…


this rainy day
makes me float away

this sky is gray
gimme one more cliche

this lyric is gay
stay the fuck outta my way


this rainy day
makes me float away

so far away
i wish i could stay

here with you
unfortunately i blew

my love for you
nothing more i can do



de boeckenherreberge

zal mijn dichtjes gaan bundelen…

nu nog een stuk of 10 erbij 😉


without you is like
a feeling i can’t explain
accept for the pain
wich is new…

now i feel like
there’s some sadness
adding to the madness
of falling in love

oh my god
how small you are
and how you twinkle like a star
in my mind

so gazing upon you
i would like to wish
myself to be a little less selfish
and let you go

but i can’t…


today is NOT a good day 😕

underneath it all

the smile in your eyes
twinkels in my mind
but your love for me
i’m unable to find

i always talk to you
when im asleep
and making up stuff
about us makes me weep

im sad about it
loving you from this distance
too scared to accept
i choose the line of least resistance

but underneath it all
you make me stronger
i want to improve myself
so i won’t have to avoid you no longer

it\’s a fact

i’m consumed by the MTV-standards…
i’m now officially losing weight to fit in:

my freakin’ pants.. and this fuckin’ society :roll: